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Internet Explorer is a browser?

Back when Google Gears came out and they added Google Reader support it was great for riding the train, because I could take feed reading offline and spend time on the train catching up on my feeds.  This process went along swimmingly until I installed Firefox 3 beta and the initial public release.  Since the Gears version at the time wasn't Firefox 3 compatible I couldn't continue doing this and it wasn't worth it to me to hack the Gears version support, etc.  Jump forward several months and 2 or 3 trips without offline Reader and the Gears team released a version supporting 3.0 and I went to the web page to download it.  On the page it lists compatible browsers and when I read "Internet Explorer" I started laughing hysterically.  I never even considered the fact that I could use Gears in Internet Explorer to keep using the offline support. 

To me, Internet Explorer does not come up when enumerating web browsers installed on my machine.  Internet Explorer is the front end to the 1997 MS best practices lovefest vendor application I have to support and nothing more.  Even with the vendor product lock in I still go 1-2 weeks without ever having to open IE.  How do people survive on this half baked wanna be browser, and don't tell me they use IE7 or IE8 cause we all know they're just half backed circa 2008 and 2006 rather than 2001.